Lower Long Pond, Mt Vernon, ME

Taxidermist (noun)– a person who prepares, stuffs, and mounts skins of animals for display

On Columbus weekend this year, I went to Maine with friends and helped them close up their camp by the Belgrade Lakes region.

Going off on a slight tangent, I first heard Mainers say “camp” three years ago when I moved to Bath and thought they meant summer camp. For a while, I couldn’t figure out why a couple in their sixties would sign up for a week filled with outdoor activities and sleepovers with teenagers. They meant their cottage or cabin.

My friends who have a camp in Mt Vernon have a neighbor who works for a company that organizes luxurious big-game hunting trips for executives. Hunt rates for elks and mule deer at Three Forks Ranch in Montana is $9250, not including airfare, hunting license, taxidermy, meat processing, service charge, taxes, and incidental charges. I really can’t relate to this “sport.”

Harvard Museum of Natural History
Harvard Museum of Natural History

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