Porch Monkey

Porch Monkey (noun)– a derogatory term for a black person who hangs out on front porches or steps and watches the neighbors

Soon I will have spent the same amount of time out of college as I did at Middlebury. It’s been interesting to see what my friends and classmates have gone off to do after graduation. There are twentysomethings who commit to spending years in the medical field or climbing the corporate ladder. There are also those who backpack aimlessly across the country. I admire people who strive to find a balance between these two extremes.

My ideal career would be doing multiple internships or having a different job every 3-4 years. These jobs include working at a fish-processing plant in Alaska, becoming a civil engineer, and producing interesting maps and diagrams using GIS. When I told my boyfriend that I’d love to work as a grease monkey, he brought up the word “porch monkey.”


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