Tranche (noun)-a division or portion of a pool or whole; specifically, an issue of bonds derived from a pooling of like obligations that is differentiated from other issues especially by maturity or rate of return

After having read The Big Short by Michael Lewis a few years back, I watched the film adaptation of it recently. The theater was already crowded by the time we got there, so we sat in the third row from the front. It was a Saturday night, and I’d say the average age in our auditorium was 57 years old.

I must have major defects in my inner ear. Reading in the car, being on a boat, and going through minor turbulence in the air all cause motion sickness for me. In this case, although I thought the movie was well-done, I felt queasy about an hour into it. It didn’t help that I skipped dinner and ate half a bag of Swedish Fish instead.

For those with a gentle constitution like mine, Movie Hurl is a website that rates films based on how easily they might cause motion sickness. Their Hall of Fame puts The Blair Witch Project at the number one spot. There are 12 comments so far regarding The Big Short. I still recommend it because although it “made me terribly nauseous…from what I could tell with my eyes averted or closed, it seemed great.”

UPDATE on 2/7/16: The Big Short made it to the #9 spot on Movie Hurl’s Hall of Fame.


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