View from the BU Bridge in May

Honk (verb)– of a goose or a horn, to make a loud sound

I took a night walk once along memorial drive towards the BU bridge. After passing by the BU boathouse, I heard high-pitch screaming music coming from the woods below. At first I thought it was a few homeless bums chilling and listening to the radio. Then I realized the noise was coming from a gaggle of geese (“gaggle” for a flock of geese not in flight and “skein” for a flock that is).

I descended down the stairs to check them out. There were at least forty of them. It took them a while to notice me, but once they did, they started migrating slowly towards where I was standing. I was a bit freaked but wanted to see how close they were willing to get. The geese eventually stopped, and I lost interest in them and ran back up to the road.

I learned two pieces of trivia after that event. In the early 1980s, a worker at the Massachusetts Water Resources Administration pumping station by the BU bridge brought a group of geese to the Charles River as guard animals after the plant’s guard dog died. Also, these white geese have local friends.


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