Aquafaba (noun)– the normally discarded liquid commonly found in cans of beans

P(A) = Probability that I like this food item
P(B) = Probability that my boyfriend likes this food item
P(C) = Probability that this food item is chickpeas

Although A and B are not mutually exclusive, P(A∩B) is pretty close to 0. But P(C|A∩B) is almost 1. In other words, one of the very few foods that my boyfriend and I both love with fervor is chickpeas. They’re affordable, easy to cook, tasty, filling, and healthy. What more can one ask for?

For Valentine’s Day, I roasted chickpeas with a mix of random spices for dinner not as a main dish or a side but as the only savory dish. I also made chocolate mousse. If I had used canned chickpeas, I could’ve made the dessert with aquafaba, which substitutes for eggs. From vanilla meringue to basil mayonnaise, aquafaba has won the hearts of many vegans. However, I suspect P(Ac∩Bc|vegan food) also approaches 1.


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