Caper (noun)– a frolicsome leap, a capricious escapade, an illegal or questionable act

(verb)- to jump around in a lively way

The other day I had nothing in my fridge and needed to go grocery shopping. But I wanted to see if I could make breakfast with random food items in the house. I wondered if having two pairs of food that go together separately but share a common link means all three ingredients mesh well as whole. My mind went off on a tangent to test this theory. Cookies go with milk, milk goes with chocolate, so chocolate goes with cookies. True. Cheddar goes with apples, apples go with yogurt, but yogurt doesn’t go with cheddar. False.

Cream cheese goes with salmon, salmon goes with capers, so capers go with cream cheese? Maybe, if we’re referring to the edible flower buds of Capparis spinosa. Yes, if we’re talking about adventures! This is the conclusion I came to while eating an almond butter bagel with prosciutto.


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