Heimlich maneuver

absominal thrust

Heimlich maneuver (noun)– abdominal thrust; the manual application of sudden upward pressure on the upper abdomen of a choking victim to force a foreign object from the trachea

I recently rediscovered chewing gum. Initially, it was a way to help me stay focused when I was studying for exams. It then gradually seeped into other areas of my life, like running. Approaching it no differently than how I make important decisions in life, I turned to the Internet to inform me on what I should or shouldn’t do. Run Haven compiled a list of benefits and risks of chewing gum while running. People discussed and debated over this topic on various forums, from Cool Running to Yahoo Answers to Reddit. The advantages include forcing breathing through the nose instead of the mouth and creating a rhythm that enhances a workout. Personally, I find chewing gum to be a calming distraction. I just hope that my fellow runners know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

UPDATE on 05/27/16: Dr Heimlich uses his maneuver for the first time, saves a 87-year-old women


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