Storrow Dr
Storrow Drive

Storrow (verb)- putting a 12’6″ truck under a 10’6″ bridge on Storrow Drive in Boston, usually during late August and early September when college students are moving in

September 1st marks more than the end of summer for Bostonians. It’s move-in day! With hundreds of thousands of students attending colleges and universities in the greater Boston area, the majority of rental leases are based on a academic calendar from September to September.

During this week of mass migration, residents avoid traffic congestion and wait for the other shoe to drop- trucks getting “Storrowed.” Situated along the Charles River, Storrow Drive is known for its low clearances. The entire parkway has a 10-foot height limit, so does its counterpart Memorial Drive across the river. To be fair, it’s not just the clueless undergraduate students and their families who cause unnecessary chaos, congestion, and rage on the road. Chartered tour buses too consistently wedge under the overpasses. In any case, being “Storrowed” is almost a rite of passage. It would certainly open your eyes to a world of aggressive horn-honking Massholes.

If you’re taking part in this madness this weekend, here are some diagrams to guide you to an un-Storrowed move in Boston.


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