Guido (noun)- a derogatory term for a working-class urban Italian American

I’ve written about a few racially insulting words in the past. My intention is not to offend anyone but to include them as part of my journey of learning colloquial English. Although I rarely use any of them in my daily speech, I’d like to be able to recognize them as bad words or taboos when being spoken. Luckily, my boyfriend has been a great resource when it comes to helping me achieve this goal.

This past weekend our neighborhood held the 90th Italian Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian, who were twin brothers born in Arabia and later became skilled doctors. They were the patron saints of Gaeta, Italy where many East Cambridge immigrant families hailed from in the early 20th century. This article in Wicked Local explores the transformation that our area currently undergoes. It’s no surprises that the neighborhood is gentrifying, and the demographics are changing. The crowd at the festival was a mix of townies in folding lawn chairs, families with young kids, and yuppies on their sleek bicycles. As I maneuvered through the horde between the sweet Italian sausage stand and the fried dough booth, I realized I came to view the quaint celebration as a yuppie would, at least initially. By the time the parade marched down Cambridge Street for the fourth time, it was no longer endearing. If I were to possibly become a townie one day, I think I can quickly possess the obligatory cynicism and annoyance at anything and everything disruptive to my perceived way of life.

Cosmas and Damian

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