Card-carrying (adjective)- known as an active, involved member of a group or organization

I have a favorite spot in our apartment- the seat in the kitchen corner by the window. Starting my day before the break of dawn, I turn on the gas stove and put on the kettle for tea before doing anything else. Then I light two candles to avoid switching on bright ceiling lights, so I can enjoy the view and the sunrise better from a dimly lit kitchen. For as long as the New England warm weather lasts, this back window will stay open. Directly below us is an organic garden, and right next to it is an Italian pastry shop. With their bakery’s double door wide open and the right wind direction, I can catch a faint whiff of the sweet and yeasty smell of rising dough. My mind quickly drifts off to visualize the deliciousness they are making for that particular day.

On this window that I look out every morning is a Sierra Club sticker left by either our landlord or a previous tenant. It reads, “I am an official card-carrying tree hugger.” I thought card-carrying means owning a gun and that the card refers to the license which allows a person to possess. I thought the message is that having firearm is not an attribute exclusive to hicks, but one can be both an environmentalist and a gun owner. Instead of challenging a stereotype, it plays right into it.

Morning is my favorite time of day. I love the peacefulness that has a trace of the hustle and bustle of early risers. With hot tea in hand and a hinted scent of freshly-baked goods in the air, I watch the sun gradually yet dramatically illuminate the sky. It is sometimes truly about the little things in life.



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