Doubloons of the game Puerto Rico on the upper right corner of the board

Doubloon (noun)- an old gold coin of Spain and Spanish America

Going out to eat and grabbing a drink are so often the default things to do when catching up with friends. I’ve been searching for alternatives. As a fidgeter and a grown-up who is too old to play with candles at a restaurant, I never know what to do with my hands on dinner dates before the food arrives. A board game night with friends strikes a perfect balance between socializing and having something to do.

Settlers of Catan is an easy go-to game but can get tiresome quickly. For a change of pace, we discovered Puerto Rico. Both are considered German-styled board games, which emphasize strategy and lean towards economic themes while keeping all players in the game until the end. American-style board games, on the other hand, highlight luck and direct conflict while combining military themes into the design.

Players of Puerto Rico grow, manufacture, and trade their goods for doubloons or victory points. Doubloons are spent on expanding operations, and victory points help win the game. I won’t attempt to explain how the game works. Instead, I posted a 30-minute YouTube instructional video along with a short clip about a fictional board game The Cones of Dunshire from the TV show Parks and Recreation. After watching a minute of either one, you’ll get an idea why some people dislike board games.

If you can get past the initial cumbersome nature of learning a new game, Spiel des Jahres, German for Game of the Year, is a great place to start exploring. I’ve enjoyed Dixit and Splendor. I’d love to try and have heard great things about Pandemic and Codenames. What’s your favorite board game?



One thought on “Doubloon

  1. Sarah

    30 minute instruction video?!? Didn’t know there were thematic differences between German and American boardgames. Informative blog, my love.

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