Dog-ear (noun) – folded down corner of a book page

(verb)- to mark a section or a phrase in a book

Whether it’s because of a stressful day at work or an acclaimed but depressing movie, once in a while we all need a dose of pick-me-up. Friends is often my go-to. It’s comfort food: familiar (some would say too predictable) and euphoric (at least for the time being). I recently re-watched the episode where Danny DeVito plays a stripper, Office Goodbody. Listed on a dog-eared page of a phone book, he was called upon last minute by Monica and Rachel to entertain at Phoebe’s bachelorette party.

The term “dog-ear” arises from a difference between wolves and dogs. Wolves’ ears stand erect while ears of most dog breeds flop over. According to Mission Wolf, years of domestication of dogs mean retention of juvenile traits. Floppy ears and short snouts are such characteristics that are present only among wolf puppies but ubiquitous in dogs.



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