Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA

Tchotchke (noun)- bauble, bibelot, curio, doodad, gewgaw, gimcrack, kickshaw, knickknack, trinket; a small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional

Aaron and I moved to Rockport for the summer. Missing friends in Boston, I did my best to lure people to visit. It turned out that hard-selling isn’t quite necessary.

A few friends spent the day at Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, and we met up with them afterwards in downtown Rockport. We walked past Dock’s Square and strolled down Bearskin Neck. Standing on our right, Motif Number 1 is dubbed “the most often-painted building in America” (ask any foreigner, they will tell you how much Americans love their superlatives). Many scenes from The Proposal when Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds visited his hometown Sitka, AK were filmed here. With ice-cream in hand, a friend commented that the majority of these cute shops sell nothing but tchotchkes.

Speaking of useless junk, I recalled a second-hand “store” that we went to not too long ago. Located at the very end of Pond Road in Rockport, the “store” was a warehouse with furniture on the second floor and mountains of stuff on the first. The operation of the place can be described as trying to turn hoarding habits into a business. It was entertaining to dig through some piles, but I would probably avoid the clothes section.

So there you go! Come visit Rockport. It offers a wide spectrum of tchotchkes!

Motif Number 1
End of Bearskin Neck
Outside portion of the “yard sale”
Inside portion of the “yard sale”

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