Goldilocks effect or principle (noun)– conditions where things fall within certain margins, as opposed to reaching extremes

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Bozo the Clown

Bozo (noun)– a stupid or foolish person

I love Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs come on the show to ask for an investment from the sharks in exchange for some percentage of equity in their companies. They pitch many interesting ideas, from foldable guitars to cupcakes in a jar to bird feeders that deliver electric shocks to squirrels. One of the sharks, Kevin O’Leary, loves to call people “bozo.” Lots of episodes are available on YouTube.



I saw David Sedaris in Symphony Hall earlier this week. It was part of the Celebrity Series of Boston. Sedaris described Trump as half comedian and half cartoon character; therefore, Hamburglar should be his running mate. Failing to get a few of Sedaris’ jokes made me realized how much I still have to learn.